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FAST & EASY CONTEMPORARY SINGING LESSONS PROGRAM. Learn how to discover your true vocal  talents with this proven effective professional singing lessons and vocal exercises course. With  step-by-step voice lesson instruction, you will learn how to expand your singing range, smooth your vocal break, increase breath control and more!



Sing with Power!

IMPROVEMENT has often been noticed after only 2 practice sessions! This singing lessons program is a $500 value and like getting 10 voice lessons for the price of 1! Download Singing Lessons with Impact and get started right away!


Singing Lessons Online or Book CD

This unique and fun Vocal Warm-up Workout with singing lessons instruction provides easy-to-understand voice instruction and narrated vocal exercises for the professional or beginner!

The author of this remarkable singing lessons series, Yvonne DeBandi, BME (creator of the SingSMART, Not Hard Vocal Training Method), assisted by Lori Lightfoot, specifically designed YOU CAN SING WITH IMPACT, The Daily Warm-Up Workout to help you obtain your personal goals as a vocalist. Whether you are new to singing lessons, singing on Broadway, auditioning for The Voice ®, searching for that record deal, or simply having fun singing Karaoke with friends and family on the weekends - this program WILL WORK for you.

You will receive audio instruction, 11 fun vocal exercises, singing tips, examples, clear analogies and written information that will help you understand the concepts. Once you learn the lessons and exercises, the program is easy to use as 40 minute vocal warm-up or workout routine.  

Singing Lessons for Beginners & Vocal Pros

Learn to Sing with Power

PROFESSIONAL SINGERS will find this download singing lessons program refreshing as they receive reminders of vocal techniques that will improve every singer's voice when implemented; and, 11 contemporary and fun exercises will provide the necessary consistency to strengthen the vocal tone, eliminate the vocal break between registers and increase the range. Singing lessons and exercises online save time and money for the professional singer! This course is a favorite among working professional singers!

BEGINNING SINGERS will find this download singing lessons program to be fun and easy to understand as they are directed through the concepts and vocal exercise warm-ups. Begin by listening to the instructional tracks for each exercise; study and exercise at their own individual pace! Once you are familiar with the exercises, the entire routine can be completed in about a half an hour. The beginner will find this singing lesson program special in that it really covers all the bases -- like breathing correctly and supporting the vocal tone. Even if you are a beginner, You CAN Sing with Impact!

Whether you are beginner or professional singer, voice actor or speaker, musician or karaoke performer... these singing lessons will be a sound investment made for your singing career or hobby! Try it today!

What is Included with the Download?

IMMEDIATE online access via the A2Z Smart Music Academy.

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You Can Sing with Impact™ is the perfect size program for just about anyone's needs. Pro Singers love the 40 minute warmup workout and beginners love the clear instructions and the ability to study at their own pace. This program was originally created as an audio-only program and has since expanded to include written guides for those that perferred to read the instructions, instead of listen.

SINGING LESSONS ONLINE version provides:

  1. Web book console which makes it easy to use the guidebook and use or download all audio files.
  2. Book .pdf which is easy to access, download or print.
  3. Interactive Software that is fun and easy to use.

Upon purchase you will receive a username/password along with instructions via email.

Visit the A2Z Smart Music Academy, ( Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD in the boxes at the top right-hand corner of the site. Click the LOGIN button and you are on your way!

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Singing Lessons Online or Book CDSINGING LESSONS ONLINE
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